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by : TabbleDabble

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by : TabbleDabble

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Brand: TabbleDabble

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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QuickTapSurvey Software Overview

TabbleDabble is the creator of QuickTapSurvey. QuickTapSurvey helps businesses collect data in person using tablets and phones without an internet connection. Our surveys are easy to create, fun to do, and beautifully designed -- it’s no wonder we’re the highest rated survey app.

Trusted by thousands of organizations in over 80 countries, QuickTapSurvey empowers businesses to make key decisions and take immediate action on survey data. It’s the perfect solution for customer feedback, lead capture, research, audits, and moreBuild, customize and launch your campaigns in minutes, with 100% data coverage (no internet required).Their goal was to make data collection pain-free, fun and interactive.


QuickTapSurvey Features

  • Question Bank Easy To Use:Get started without any technical expertise whatsoever. Quick Setup:Create the perfect survey in just minutes.
  • Language Support Create surveys that look awesome and are designed for mobile data capture.
  • Automated alert & Notification Created automated alerts and notifications based on the data you collect.
  • Kiosk Mode No internet or WiFi connection needed! Our survey app and mobile forms work offline.
  • Scheduling
  • SMS / Email Notification
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Live Online Training
  • Signature Management

QuickTapSurvey Plans & Pricing

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QuickTapSurvey Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
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  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows iOS Android
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

QuickTapSurvey Reviews


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Overall Score
Based on 2 Reviews
Features 4.8/5
Value for Money 4/5
Ease of Use 4.7/5
Customer Support 4.5/5
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Vikash Mishra


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Help to proper software”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Sep 23, 2017




Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“good experience”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Sep 16, 2017

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QuickTapSurvey FAQ

Q. Is Data Intigration possible? arrow

A. Yes, It supports data intigration with other app such as: 1)Export Emails to MailChimp. 2)Connect to Apps With Zapier. 3)Export Contacts to Infusionsoft.

Q. Collecting Responses with Response Filters – Face to Face, Kiosk & Form Surveys arrow

A. 1. Launch the QuickTapSurvey app. 2. Tap the Info button on the survey you've added a Response Filter to. 3. Enter a value for the Response Filter. 4. All completed survey responses will be submitted with the value entered for the Response Filter. Once you have collected your responses, you can view your responses with these Response Filters on the QuickTapSurvey Web App.

Q. How to Set up Your iPad as a Kiosk? arrow

A. 1. Set an Exit Code and Timeout for your survey. 2. Maximize screen brightness, and don't forget to make sure that your iPad is plugged in and charging. 3. Launch the Settings app. 4. Disable Multitasking Gestures. This is so that users cannot use the 5 finger swipe to return to the home screen or the four finger swipe to switch between apps. 5. Set Auto-Lock to Never. 6. Disable Split Keyboard. 7. Ensure that the iPad buttons are disabled or covered by a kiosk enclosure. 8. Return to QuickTapSurvey and start your survey.

Q. How to Download the Most Up-To-Date Version of Your Survey? arrow

A. 1. Ensure that you're logged in to your QuickTapSurvey account. 2. Tap Sync, or Swipe Down from the middle of the screen. 3. QuickTapSurvey will download the most up to date version of your survey(s)

Q. How Collecting Data Online With a Published Survey? arrow

A. 1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App and click Surveys. 2. Click the Dropdown Menu for the survey you want to send as a Online Survey and click View Survey. 3. To copy the link to your survey to your clipboard, click Copy. 4. Share the URL for your survey online, by email, or with any other method for distributing this URL to your Online Survey. 5. When you want to stop receiving data on your Online Survey, uncheck Allow responses to be collected.

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