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Rasa Platform

Rasa Platform

by : Rasa

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Brand: Rasa

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Rasa Platform Software Overview

What is Rasa Platform? 

Rasa Platform is one of the best conversational AI Platform Software. Its chatbot services are ahead of the curve; its functionality goes beyond mere FAQ services. Rasa platform provides machine learning tools for developers to create, upgrade, and locate context-sensitive chatbots. Rasa adds context to your chatbots. It automates text and voice-oriented conversations from end to end and integrates with your application program and can connect to any channel. It reduces your dependability on human interaction as it keeps constant insights into customer interactions and evolves itself. 

Rasa platform has a fast-growing developer community where AI enthusiasts are continually improving its features and branching out. Some leading companies that use the Rasa platform for their services are Lemonade, N26, Adobe, HCA Healthcare, Orange, among many others. 

Features of Rasa Platform

Rasa Platform gives state-of-the-art chatbot services to its clientele, and with every update, developers are continually taking it to new heights. Here are a few features listed below: 

  1. Message Comprehension: The Rasa platform has an advanced feature of turning free-form text in any language into structured data. It fully supports single and multiple intents, to handle queries smartly and can be both pre-trained and customized for organization entities. 
  2. Conversation Management: The Rasa platform gives engaging chatbots. It can handle back-and-forth conversations that memorize context with machine-learning-based dialogue management. It seamlessly integrates your business logic. 
  3. Interactive Learning: Chatbots deployed by Rasa generates training data by talking to your assistant and giving feedback when it makes an error. It is adaptable and can keep pace with changing market trends.
  4. Connectivity to Messaging Channels: Rasa Platform can run its assistant chatbots on every messaging channel. Be it slack, Facebook messenger, google hangout, or custom channels developed by businesses. 
  5. API Integration: Rasa platform can interact with other APIs and systems through custom actions. 
  6. Dashboard Facilities: Rasa lets you view and annotate conversations. You can now filter, flag, and fix discussions that weren’t well responded and continuously improve your chatbot assistant. 
  7. Easy Deployment: Rasa is available as ready to deploy docker container and orchestrated to run Rasa on-premise or using your choice of cloud service.

Pricing for Rasa Platform

Rasa Platform prices vary on the user-customization and size of the operation. Hence, the prices are flexible. Please request a call, and our team will get in touch with you as early as possible.


Rasa Platform Features

  • checkbox Simple Deployment Rasa Platform’s docker containers are ready to deploy and the system can be made to work on both on-premise and or on cloud
  • checkbox API Integration asa AI platform offers seamless integration with ongoing APIs (most importantly messengers) to work seamlessly and generate
  • checkbox Data Structuring This chatbot analytic software enables free-form text of any language into structured data. It supports single and multiple
  • checkbox Manage Conversations The software is designed to integrate with the messenger and work seamlessly. It has a machine learning system that constantly
  • checkbox QA Management Users can set their chatbot on autopilot mode and Rasa can handle the queries from customers efficiently.

Rasa Platform Plans & Pricing

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Rasa Platform Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Rasa Platform Reviews

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
Srinjoy Deb
27, Jan 2020
star star star star star
It helps make customized chatbots, and we can make alterations as per our requirement. This helps in enhancing customers’ experience of communicating with your business.|||Machine learning tools of the application might be a bit difficult to grasp at first. Additionally, Rasa takes up a lot of memory and slows down the system sometimes.
Rajiv Das
14, Jan 2020
star star star star star
The best thing about this software is its AI-enabled features. The application helps developers create responsive chatbots. It runs exclusively by machine learning, which helps in quick API integration. Moreover, it got integrated with the major platforms like AWS, Cassandra, ECR, ECS and others. |||The open-source code needs to be addressed. It often becomes difficult for professional developers like me to work efficiently. Really looking forward for the developers to address this issue!

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Rasa Platform FAQ

Q. What mode of payments can be used to purchase this chat software? arrow

A. One can pay with almost all the major credit and debit cards. Once you choose the software and make the payment your subscription amount will appear on your bank and card statement. In case you want, you can also receive an invoice.

Q. Can I get a free demo or trial of this conversational AI platform software? arrow

A. Yes, you will get a free demo of Rasa Platform. Techjockey provides free demo of all the services it provides to help you give a glimpse of what you are going to get. It greatly helps customers make the right choice and open avenues to make businesses grow.

Q. Does this chat software provide data recovery options? arrow

A. Yes, Rasa Platform does provide data security as well as data recovery options. It is meant to provide optimum data security to all its users.

Q. What is the size hardware size needed for on-premise deployment of Rasa? arrow

A. Rasa platform requires at least 100 GB on-premise with a proper functioning server management systems for on-premise deployment.

Q. What are minimum system requirements for Rasa platform? arrow

A. Here is the minimum system requirements of the Rasa platform: - RAM: 8GB RAM - Processor: 2-5 vCPUs - Operating System: Debian 9, Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04

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