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VIKAS-Hospital ERP

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About VIKAS-Hospital ERP

What is VIKAS-Hospital ERP Software?

VIKAS-Hospital ERP is a next-generation smart hospital management system, enabling its users to operate various hospital-related operations in an efficient manner. With VIKAS-Hospital ERP, users get access to both online-offline support systems, using which they can easily manage multiple clinics related to their hospital business, at remote locations with a poor internet connection. Most importantly, makers of the software have 28 years of expertise in the healthcare market. 

Further, its domain is planned and managed by a panel consisting of highly efficient doctors, health experts and technicians. Advanced asset management tools help its users locate and track assets of the hospital, such as portable pieces of equipment and high-value assets. Users can also monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, CO2, air quality, and humidity within their hospital premises.

How VIKAS-Hospital ERP Helps Provide Telemedicine Facilities?

Telemedicine is an online consultation system offered by VIKAS-Hospital ERP to enhance the experience of patients and healthcare providers. This telemedicine software includes features such as:

  1. Integrated with hospital EMR: The system is well integrated with EMR tools of any hospital to facilitate effective functioning of tasks. 
  2. Online doctor appointments: Patients can book an appointment of the doctors preferred by them, either by calling the hospital or by filling an online form.
  3. Video conferencing and chatbots: The software enables its users to enhance the interaction between patients and their doctors by allowing them to communicate with each other via video conference and chatbots. 
  4. Digital Prescription: Patients get access to their online prescriptions. They can also get their doctor prescriptions signed by their doctors in case of emergencies online by this hospital management solution.
  5. Online Payment: Patients get to pay for their online consultation using multiple payment options of their choice. 

Pricing of VIKAS-Hospital ERP

The pricing of VIKAS Hospital ERP is available at the request of the interested buyers. You can request a callback from our product experts, who will provide you with all kinds of support regarding activation and license renewals.

Compatible platforms for VIKAS-Hospital ERP

VIKAS-Hospital ERP is compatible with Windows, LINUX, and Cloud HMS. It also provides its users with digital signage and payment gateway.

Benefits of VIKAS-Hospital ERP

  1. Improved patient care: The intuitive patient management portal offered by VIKAS Hospital ERP enables its users to provide online services to their patients. Thus, reducing their workloads and helping them in resource optimization as well.
  2. Inventory Control: The software allows its users to keep track of their medical inventory billing in an accurate manner. Thus, ensuring the availability of medical tools and equipment at the right time.  
  3. Paperless operations: Users are no longer required to record and maintain papers, as they can manage and record patient records digitally through the software.
  4. Process Optimization: One can facilitate a better flow of processes and hence optimize them using the wide variety of advanced features offered by VIKAS-Hospital ERP.
  5. Scalable: VIKAS-Hospital ERP offers a scalable platform that can be customized as per the requirements of your healthcare setup.

Sold By : Software Associates

Get VIKAS-Hospital ERP support 15 Chatting right now

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VIKAS-Hospital ERP Features

Users can track and manage multiple assets including ECG machines, stretchers and wheelchairs with advanced asset management tools offered by the software.
Users can track and monitor their employees and patients through the advanced people tracking module of VIKAS-Hospital ERP.
VIKAS-Hospital ERP enables its users to monitor multiple environmental conditions such as the quality of air, humidity level, temperature and CO2 level.
The intuitive patient workflow monitoring system enables its users to track and monitor patient-related activities.
Users can manage the maintenance needs of any medical equipment and ensure better asset management.
Users can plan multiple alerts and procedures to facilitate social distancing among patients and their family members visiting the hospital.
One can integrate online lab results and pharmacy prescriptions into the software and maintain detailed information regarding individual patients.
VIKAS-Hospital ERP offers summarised reports based on doctors, patients, departments and financial transactions, enabling its users to analyze their hospital’s performance.
The software enables its users to make online doctor appointments. Patients and doctors can interact through chatbots and video conferencing, and get online prescriptions as well.
Users can have access to prescription and other diagnosis-related details through desktops and mobile devices.
The software is in accordance with the International and Regional Healthcare Standards.
One can access the data regarding patients, inventory, and employees within a single interface.
The software can be integrated with existing systems used in your healthcare setup to ensure hassle-free patient care.

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VIKAS-Hospital ERP Specifications


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A. Yes, the software provides its users with performance and operational dashboards based on different doctors or departments.
A. Yes, the software provides its users with an E-commerce platform, enabling them to display and sell various pharmaceutical items with ease.
A. Techjockey does provide online demos for VIKAS Hospital ERP. You have to send us a request stating a preferable time and date.
A. Yes, one can receive and send emergency alerts in case of abnormalities or deviations in a patient’s medical condition.
A. No, the software does not have any dedicated mobile app.

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