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Slack - Instant Messege App for Office
Slack - Instant Messege App for Office


by : SLACK

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Brand: SLACK

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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Slack Software Overview

What is Slack? 

Slack is an office productivity solution that allows organizations to rely less on emails and work through chats. It provides a chatbot that enables users to organize their conversations, prioritize conversations, and much more. The productivity solution allows companies to create working channels based on departments and interest groups based on inter-departmental working. Companies can integrate their daily applications with Slack and communicate with work reports in real-time. 

Slack is an accurate blend of people's applications and data. Slack trumps over email-based communication as it enables users to send entire threads of conversation instead of sending one mail at a time. It is a great way to keep everybody in the organization informed at all times. Users can create customized channels and label them with a hashtag for instant access. 

What features does Slack offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Slack: 

  1. Tracking and managing document 
  2. Advanced search modifier 
  3. Sorting chats
  4. Channel sharing across the workspace
  5. Sidebar streamlining 
  6. Instant navigation 
  7. Reminder
  8. RSS feeds subscription 
  9. Customizable work feed

Why do companies prefer to Slack? 

Slack assists in the daily operation of over 10 million active users. The software enables employees to get informed in the most innovative and unique ways. Teams can communicate with each other through a simple hashtag. Slack proves to be more advantageous then emails where users can communicate with one mail at a time. As it enables employees to share complete conversation threads with their peers to get them updated on the discussions instantly.

Slack provides massive support in the digitalization of a workspace and enhancements in work from the home environment. Slack is known as one of the best online meeting software that allows users to schedule online meetings with their teams and work accordingly. Users can customize Slack to prioritize their contacts, departments, etc.  

What are the benefits of using Slack in daily operations? 

Here are some of the key benefits of incorporating Slack in daily use: 

  1. It streamlines the communication channel or the entire workspace
  2. Departments can create hashtags to create communication and channels
  3. Gets away with reliance on email
  4. Facilitates video and audio calling in real-time
  5. Enables users to conduct live conferences 
  6. Shared channels for customers and other companies 

What is the price of Slack? 

Slack prices start from Rs. 508/- per month per user.

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Slack Features

  • checkbox Collaboration Slack allows individuals to collaborate with their team members, other team members, and third-party partners from the same
  • checkbox Face to Face & Kiosk Surveys The office collaboration solution provides features for users to conduct online surveys. 
  • checkbox File Sharing Users can attach any file and send it through the Slack messenger. 
  • checkbox Integration Slack is easily integrable with the office APIs for chatbot support and data sharing. E.g. users can use slack as a messenger
  • checkbox Streamlined Workflows The software centralizes both receiving and tracking of all the necessary information from a single platform. 
  • checkbox Data Security Slack uses industry-grade security measurements to ensure the safety of all the confidential organizational data. 
  • checkbox Screen Sharing This office productivity software allows users to share their screen live on video conferencing for efficient
  • checkbox Priority Support Slack uses ticketing-based support system for assist users in case of a difficulty. 

Slack Plans & Pricing

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Slack Specifications

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  • Windows, IOS, Android, MacOS
  • Desktop, Mobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Slack FAQ

Q. Can I use Slack for sales purposes? arrow

A. Yes, Slack can be integrated into CRMs for connecting with leads through chats in real-time.

Q. Can I use API plugins with my bot user token in Slack? arrow

A. The bot user token is awarded for performing specific tasks directly as the bot user. E.g., posting messages, connecting with real-time messaging API, etc. A pre-approved user bot in slack provides two tokens.

Q. Can I get a demo for Slack? arrow

A. Techjockey provides a demo for Slack. Please request a call and get the demo scheduled.

Q. Will I have to submit my Slack App to the directory even if I don’t want to? arrow

A. Slack only requires you to submit your application to the directory when you want it to be discoverable and installable from the directory.

Q. How to set up my developer environment in Slack? arrow

A. Slack does not offer an exclusive developer environment of sandbox for work. The solution is pre-built and all the customizations on your own by creating fields.

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