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Xoxoday Plum

by : Xoxoday

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Xoxoday Plum logo
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Xoxoday Plum logo

Xoxoday Plum

by : Xoxoday


Brand: Xoxoday

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Xoxoday Plum Software Overview

What is Xoxoday Plum? 

Xoxoday Plum is one of the best customer feedback software, developed for different types of service sector industries. The software is used by major companies all over the world for the improvement in their daily operations through proper feedback. It allows users to place incentives, rewards, and benefits added to their programs at scale. For large scale operators, this customer feedback software offers thousands of catalog choices globally. The software is designed to calculate return on investments for measuring the effectiveness of business plans. 

Xoxoday Plum is a highly integrable software. The software can be merged with HR management software, CRMs, ticketing managers, etc. to recover data and generate rewards appropriately. The software strategically reduces manual work and operational inconveniences. This customer feedback software provides quick satisfaction to both the users and their customers, along with personalization in their rewards programs. 

Features of Xoxoday Plum

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Xoxoday Plum:

  1. Campaigns and gamification
  2. Distribution models
  3. Cataloguing and storefront 
  4. ROI calculation 
  5. Redemption portal 
  6. Message configuration
  7. DIY signup, and much more. 

Why should I pick Xoxoday Plum for my daily operations?

Xoxoday Plum is providing service to more than 10,000 brands worldwide. It has a broad range of variety, from automobile industries to food production units to hypermarkets, Xoxoday Plum has got you completely covered. The software allows you to create a personalized storefront and then customize it accordingly. It streamlines all your work by handling multiple reward vendors without any impact in workflows. 

What is the price of Xoxoday Plum? 

Xoxoday Plum is available in two pricing plans. First plan is built for small and medium sized businesses and costs Rs. 3,68,050/- per annum. 

Xoxoday Plum Features

  • Catalogue Management The software allows users to personalize and manage their catalog as per their requirements. 
  • Storefront This customer feedback software allows users to set web storefront to digitize their workflow seamlessly. 
  • Sales & Distribution Retailers can oversee their sales and distribution cycle seamlessly from the software. It allows them to direct their inventory
  • Campaigns The software contains a ‘campaign rule engine’ that helps in setting up a drive through series of permutation and combination
  • Gamification Create an interactive marketing campaign by gamifying the workflows with Xoxoday Plum.
  • Reporting & Analytics Users can generate comprehensive reports for information on daily working of the organization. 
  • Gift Card Management The software allows business owners to generate gift cards for promoting their sales outreach. 
  • Loyalty Program Start a loyalty management program for recurring customers to offer them attractive discounts. 
  • Rewards Xoxoday Plum allows users to personalize reward programs as a special sales outreach program. 

Xoxoday Plum Plans & Pricing

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Xoxoday Plum | A Digital Rewards Platform

Xoxoday Plum Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Xoxoday Plum FAQ

Q. What to do if I have not received the OTP on my registered mobile number? arrow

A. Go to the account setting in the portal and update your number and save it. Try relogging again and generate an OTP. Please send an email to support@techjockey.com if you are still facing the issue.

Q. Can I get a demo of Xoxoday Plum? arrow

A. Techjockey provides demo for Xoxoday Plum. Please request a call to avail the demo.

Q. Can I use Xoxoday Plum on smartphones? arrow

A. Yes, Xoxoday Plum has mobile application for both Android and iPhone devices.

Q. Which operating systems work best for Xoxoday Plum? arrow

A. Xoxoday Plum works effortlessly with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Q. Where does Xoxoday save all the user data? arrow

A. Xoxoday Plum saves all the data on the cloud storage.

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