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Zoho Vault

by : Zoho By Target Integration

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Brand: Zoho By Target Integration

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android, Windows(Phone)

Free Trial Available: No

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Zoho Vault Software Overview

What is Zoho Vault?

Zoho Vault is an advanced password management software for enterprises, teams and individuals which saves their unlimited passwords and other sensitive data with ease. The software features a powerful dashboard, enabling users to identify the weak passwords and get them changed in real-time. Moreover, you can organise different passwords into specific groups and share them with their employees and third-party consultants for a fixed time period. Zoho Vault also sends automated reminders to individuals three days prior to the actual expiry date of an individual password. Most importantly, the software saves all its user’s data in a safe and secure manner, protected by 256 AES encryption keys.

How does Zoho Vault prevent unauthorized access?

Enterprises and their admins can prevent unauthorized access by restricting users based on their IP addresses:

  1. Define access: Admins can specify fixed IP ranges, allowing only employees within the organisation to get access to the vault.
  2. Blocking: Super Admins can block potentially harmful or unauthorized IP addresses, eliminating all chances of attacks by malicious hackers and leakage of essential information relevant for the enterprise.
  3. Customize Rules: Enterprises can offer unrestricted access rights to specific users, apply strict restrictions on general employees and allow them to get access to an individual vault only from a defined IP address.

Pricing of Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is available as per the following pricing options:

  1. Standard: The plan is available at a price of Rs.648 for a single user on a yearly basis.
  2. Professional: The plan is available at a price of Rs.12,960 for five users on a yearly basis.
  3. Enterprise: The plan is available at a price of Rs. 22,680 for five users on a yearly basis.

In case you want to know more about the software, do send in a callback request. Our in-house product experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Compatible Platforms for Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu and Unix operated devices. It also has a dedicated mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Benefits of Zoho Vault

  1. Automated Logout: To eliminate all chances of unauthorized access, enterprises can schedule auto termination of sessions for an individual user after a certain period of inactivity. These timeout sessions can be set in an individual manner for mobile apps, web interface and browser extensions.
  2. Emergency Access: Super admins can either enrol themselves or any particular user within the organisation as an emergency contact. These particular contacts have access to sensitive passwords and can also declare an emergency in case of a crisis situation.
  3. Reset Passwords: Admins can reset passwords in a single click. Zoho Vault saves all password reset activities within its audit trail, mentioning accurate time stamps and other important details.

Zoho Vault Features

  • checkbox Password Protection You can save passwords of 400+ websites, create different password types and import login credentials from external files. All
  • checkbox Share passwords Admins can share passwords and related folders in bulk and grant multi-level sharing permissions to separate teams. They can also
  • checkbox Direct login Zoho Vault offers a wide variety of extensions for browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, facilitating direct login to saved
  • checkbox Ownership and roles With Zoho Vault, admins can generate password related policies and give approval for secret sharing requests. Super admins are in
  • checkbox Tools The software offers a wide variety of tools using which you can create strong passwords, import new ones or export them for
  • checkbox Convenience Zoho Vault is compatible with multiple web browsers and also has a mobile app as well. This enables easy access to passwords on
  • checkbox Endpoint Protection  Admins can define a particular IP range, allowing certain employees from their enterprise to get access to the password
  • checkbox Security All passwords and other critical data are protected by 256-bit AES encryption. The software does not store the master password
  • checkbox Email protection The software sends an instant notification via email on detecting a particular event. You can also specify a fixed time schedule
  • checkbox Integration Zoho Vault can be easily integrated with leading help desk services and productivity suites like Zoho Desk, ServiceNow, Zendesk,
  • checkbox Reports Admins get to view detailed reports about passwords currently accessed by an individual user. They can also apply necessary

Zoho Vault Plans & Pricing

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Zoho Vault Specifications

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  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows, IOS, Android, Windows(Phone)
  • Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, iPad
  • Web-Based
  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • English

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15, Apr 2019
star star star star star
Two-factor confirmation accessible. Available from any program, any stage. Licenses sharing and exchanging of logins between clients.|||
Jalal Ahmed
08, Feb 2017
star star star star star
We used Techjockey to aid us in finding a new EHR for our medical office. The representative that I spoke to was very helpful, and the list of compatible providers was very helpful. We still haven't made up our mind, but our main considerations did come from the list they provided us.
Asc Hadibrugarh
01, Feb 2017
star star star star star
Techjockey has been hugely helpful to my organization in finding a software provider to fit our needs. We quickly got advice on five providers who were a potentially good fit for a small non-profit like us. That led within a couple of days to having five calls arranged. The presentations provided by Techjockey on how to evaluate providers were very instructive for us as a small organization with little knowledge of this field, and their follow-up with us to check on how the process was going was timely and helpful. Having entered this field fairly clueless as to how to navigate all the options, the support of Techjockey has been invaluable.

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Zoho Vault FAQ

Q. 1. Can I use Zoho Vault to access passwords in offline mode? arrow

A. Yes, you can easily access all passwords without the internet by downloading their offline copies using Zoho Vault.

Q. 2. As an admin, can I enforce restriction over password sharing and backup using Zoho Vault? arrow

A. Yes. As an admin you can restrict certain employees from sharing or getting backups of an individual password from Zoho Vault account.

Q. 3. Can I get a demo of Zoho Vault? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo for Zoho Vault. Our in-house software experts will get back to you as per your preferred time schedule.

Q. 4. Does Zoho Vault facilitate backup on the cloud? arrow

A. Yes, you can easily backup the data stored in Zoho Vault on multiple cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive and more.

Q. 5. Is there a dedicated mobile app for Zoho Vault? arrow

A. Zoho Vault has a dedicated mobile app which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

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